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Project Brief

Dr. Mobile is a leading multi-brand retail chain in Doha, Qatar. We learned first-hand from them about their retail experience, knowledge of the products and crucial sales performance. Dr. Mobile invited us to discuss their branding, and we promptly presented them to complete their branding process and taking the retail experience online. Dr. Mobile’s appeal is broad. For retail employees to understand and learn about a new gadget every week and making it appealing to a range of people with no technical background posed a challenge.

We considered equally equipping the consumers with the same knowledge as their retail employees. As a part of completing their branding process, we re-aligned their communication, and promise with a focus on the consumers. The digital platform, unlike other websites, inspired learning about the gadgets and helped the brand to present a more dynamic experience that engages, educates and rewards its consumers. The UI of the web platform is a clean presentation of the products offered, a detailed tech-sheet for each and other valuable supporting information to help the consumer make an informed choice. By leveraging the digital platform, Dr. Mobile could improve its conversion of inquiries into sales and inspired consumer engaging media.


As always, a solid understanding of the brief and requirements underpinned our creation. By spending time on several online channels and gadget review sites, we broke down the crucial information that helped us build the web platform in its most basic form.

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