Project Brief

After winning RIPPl’s business, we were on a roll to develop other marketing collaterals for the business. Digital marketing effectiveness is known to all but print catalogues, booklets are still a tried-and-tested tool for reaching consumers directly and getting them excited about your brand. The challenge in doing print collaterals is measuring the effectiveness of the design and communication. The only way to measure is direct inquiries from the consumers, but it is still considered being ancient. Sometimes, it is the agreement between the agency and the client as what works and what doesn’t!

However, we created a strategy to achieve the design perfection with Lumen Arch. Lumen Arch house three sub-brands under its umbrella Ola, FLO, and Bamboo. Our exploration gave us the insight that other brands strongly exploited graphical elements to sell their products and it lacked the appeal of reality which caused the disconnect between brands and consumers. For Lumen Arch, we choose minimalism and originality as our theme. The logos were all inspired from their structures, brand name or product feature. This consistency followed in the marketing collaterals.

Colourful, clean, fresh and completely in tune with the lighting brand, Lumen Arch’s beautiful and minimalistic catalogue combines a soft background colour with realistic photographs for layouts feel infectiously futuristic.

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