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Project Brief

1st Gear thinks to reinvent how adventurers, biking enthusiasts fuel their passion. They partnered with us to find a connection with today's experience-starved consumers.

1st Gear has a robust network with scores of thrilling packages to suit any adventurer. To communicate the core offering of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we turned to consumers to find what inspires them to seek a journey unknown and what do they dream of achieving. The challenge was to align 1st Gear with consumer's aspiration and also break away from the clutter of other adventure tours and travels and position them as an ideal adventure partner.

Concept Solution

With .in being the primary connection point between 1st Gear brand and their consumers, we used the web experience as our foundation to define the brand identity framework. We created an identity system with a combination of biking, adventure and touring. All three elements beautifully nested in the logo showcasing the adventure spirit. A custom iconography set and service-led landing page offering complete information to the user in one go helped the brand with a strategic foundation. The 1stGear.in is more than a site; it is an experience that can become real, even online.


1st Gear is all about the experience. It is natural, exciting and inspirational. We created a brand system in which insights, information, and dreams come together to form a community.

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