Owning digital space to knock territorial walls



Project Brief

Atmof Architects is a young innovative crew who build spaces that are functional, safe, economical and above all, aesthetically balanced. They have always believed that their passion for architecture, and also for people who admire design and aspire to live in beautiful spaces is the reason they exist!

On a creative front with a strong understanding of who they are and what they stand for, our challenge was to draw and create an identity system and digital platform that knocks the territorial walls and has a global reach and positions them in the way they are.

Concept Solution

Working alongside Atmof Architecture, we understood their ambition and gathered cues to establish their identity and communication style. We brought their personality forward with custom type fonts that formed sharp angles representing well-structured architectural forms. The visual experience of the brand found a muted colour palette to match any imagery or colour background. Their digital space acquired a minimalistic personality as Atmof Architecture believed in simple, but transcending experience with bold typography, strong images and a lot of white space.


Through exploration and iteration, we were able to create a brand ecosystem where end users can connect and see the value Atmof Architecture brings in their life.

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