DOT Workplace

Expanding possibilities of a furniture company



Project Brief

Dot Workplace is a contemporary furniture design firm in India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore. We worked with the firm to develop a new visual identity that would leverage clear furniture themes such as tools, design, wood, modern-day interior space and minimalism.

Dot Workplace offers a multitude of furniture solutions. The challenge was to convey their USP/ offering without any ambiguities. Our discovery led us to a treatment that embraces a strong visual graphic to highlight an aspect of their brand. The use of text, the brandmark symbol relied heavily on the company's minimalistic approach to make a connection and evoke emotions

The brand identity was a reflection of a relationship between Dot and Desk. A bold and robust brandmark logo was created with visuals in a muted colour palette to support any background or imagery. The communication surrounding the brand system was treated with a minimalistic approach and references were also drawn to support our theory of a highly recognizable flat logo.


We deeply empathized with corporate consumers to understand and develop the brand system. Success of Dot Workplace truly validates our work.

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