Creating a space of new-age retail experience



Project Brief

Marketplace is a commercial space serving high-end retailers and restaurants in an affluent neighbourhood of Kannur District. With a promise of maximum exposure and retail experience, Marketplace desires to become a landmark structure in the neighbourhood.

Creative Caffeine pitched in as a partner to refine the Marketplace brand online and offline. Together, we established a strategy to realize its ambition to better engaging consumers, retailers, restaurateurs, and other businesses by creating a design system that can be heard across all their marketing efforts.

The challenge was to develop an identity and marketing communication that would capture the exclusivity of retail both online and offline.


Inspired by the architectural structure of the building, we began iterations to achieving geometrical forms. Introducing the initial letter M in the creation, we established a strong structural sensibility that also formed a sharp angel swoosh representing the idea of being the right place to do business. Supporting iconography and the breath of minimalistic design balanced across all their communication helped the brand to create an experience that looks, feels and works like a Marketplace.


The creative direction is distinctively bold and refreshing. The identity and design embrace a retail environment pushing the brand forward.

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