Redefining an iconic fashion institution



Project Brief

With an authentic fashion heritage, Optimumz World is a well-established institution which earned its reputation for placing students at high-end fashion giants. It is an institution with purpose and the new identity was expected to reflect the purpose, and drive the brand forward. The challenge, however, was to differentiate the brand in the sea of sameness.

Concept Solution

We began our branding exercise to find the identity system for the institution. With a strong visual cue in mind, we established a few rules to ensure that we find the best possible solution. We deep dived at the inspirations of the people, at the values, at their future and came up with a refined identity system that represents the institution's promise and their future. The UI of the website followed the same design style with a focus on being user-friendly. Beautiful easy-to-navigate structured pages ensured that information was the hero and helped aspirants seek knowledge and guidance at a click. A student corner to enable students to showcase their work was the best part of the design journey.

Our brand identity system and the new design language perform its best by empowering the institution to tell stories of its success and journey.

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