Becoming a revolutionary brand at the speed of light



Project Brief

Enter RIPPL Lighting, one of the most innovative lighting companies and an emerging brand in the world of work and industrial spaces partnered with Creative Caffeine for developing their visual identity. The brief was clear. Light is a critical component of any space. Space will reveal a different character based on the intensity of light and RIPPL desired that its identity must reveal only a single element of the light. The brand always embraced minimalism and set us a challenge to achieve their goal.


The brand’s new identity designed to convey the quality details of their products, the warmth, and radiance evoked by the brand name through a rich pattern of a lighting fixture is widely used across homes, offices, and industries. Rather than attempting to distill the rich and varying patterns of the fixture, our design cuts through it with a lot of space, detail delicate radial structure and a great composition of black and bold custom type forming the brand name RIPPL. The power with this approach that the brand achieves is visibility and adaptability in any colour and imagery. The minimalist visual identity is easily registered with consumers and different stakeholders making RIPPl Lighting a highly recognized brand.

A minimalistic approach free from complexity and ambiguity is always the answer. Allowing your consumers to recognize you and understand the value while making a purchase is the most important part of the experience.

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