A new approach to digital logistics



Project Brief

Rapidelo Logistics is an innovative distribution company that provides logistics and supply chain support to customers in a quick, reliable, and time secured manner. Based out of Bangalore, Rapidelo was founded by veterans in the Supply chain and Logistics arena. Our challenge was to align Rapidelo’s brand with its technology and business strategy and deliver it on a digital platform with a website and desktop application. Our research showed that most businesses failed to deliver a sense of urgency, customer priority, and brand awareness.

We began our exploration with design ideas and through a collaborative movement; we were able to align with the Rapidelo team, shared insights, and set the context for the brand to move ahead. Differentiating Rapidelo from its competitors and creating a unique digital experience was crucial to the brand. The web UI embraced the information with easy navigation and a structured chronological order followed to track shipments. Similarly, the desktop application encouraged users to drill in specific touch-points. It was able to manage/monitor data management, sales service, billing processes in a more intuitive way saving a user’s time.

Our strategic approach to building the web UI and desktop application resonated well with the end consumers and employees which ultimately helped Rapidelo to simplify the way people interact with the brand.

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