Rebranding tasting food to good healthy food



Project Brief

Transit is an innovative self-service pop-up in a food court at Forum Mall, Koramangala. As it was a food court, the space was a preferred celebration, party and hangout spot. The challenge was to create an ambiance by designing the lifeless, dull-looking tables which were over 200 in numbers. The Transit project is close to our heart and stomach because of its healthy, nutritious food. In our exploration, we understood that the insight of good tasting food vs. healthy food can lay the foundation of Transit story and give food enthusiasts an instant message about the difference and benefits.

We realize to the core that branding is not an absolute synonym of design but is an insight into the problems and solutions which helps consumers to make an informed choice. The catalyst here is the information and hence we played the world's best quotes on the importance of good healthy food in the style of flat illustrations. The illustrations made an interesting read while the quotes presented the critical information on maintaining a healthy diet. All the quotes are from different parts of the world, and the illustrations paint the city or country in its native feeling of vibrancy and colour. All the elements in the tabletop create a refreshing environment which engages consumers to read and works as an ice-breaker to most boring conversations.


The first ideas, as usual, were visualized in the quick pencil sketches and it later helped us found the foundation of the communication that brands Transit as good healthy food.

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